UltraCelestia 3.0 - Melted


UltraCelestia is a collaborative fanzine project. It's narration is a combination of memories, visual references and feelings, heavily influenced by Japanese sci-fi and cyberpunk mangas and animes, where energy and emotions often have a physical form.

We had the pleasure of inviting some of the most talented human beings we met during the first year of the UltraCelestia project to include them in a new publication, evolving our working method and bringing together different techniques and subjects.
The metamorphosis was inevitable but it didn't make us forget where this story began.

Contributors: 24Karatti, Demetrio Mese, Federico Artuso, Federico Tosi, Giuseppe Salis, Kenshiro Caravaggio Carena, Margherita Morotti, NicParanoia, NMBRV, Nova RGB, Roen, Ruvido, Suppergiù, Terza Forma, Ultra.

250 numbered copies
104 A5 pages
Paperback binding
Special pack